Rules of Competition

2022 Celtic Cup Rules and Tiebreakers



2012-2014, 7v7, Maximum Roster size of 14

2010-2011, 9v9, Maximum Roster size of 16

2009-2008, 11v11, Maximum Roster size of 18


2003-2008 11v11, Maximum Roster size of 22 (designate only 18 at game time)

These will be required documents at Check-In and must be available at all matches. Any Southern California player or coach without said documents will not be allowed to participate. Teams outside Southern California may have different requirements and/or rules of engagement.  Every US Club, AYSO, USYSA or FIFA internationally registered player is eligible.


 2012-2014, 3 matches guaranteed, 50 min. 

2008-2011, 3 matches guaranteed, 60 min. 

2008-2003, 3 matches guaranteed, 70 min. (March)

Some matches may be shortened or rescheduled to accommodate tournament (i.e. inclement weather, etc.). 


Preliminary round matches ending in a draw shall remain a draw. Quarter final, semi-final, championship and consolation final matches ending in a draw will proceed immediately to FIFA PK’s to determine a winner.


3 points = win

1 point = draw

0 point = loss

0 points for goals or shut out victory

Ten team brackets: 4 teams (A), {3 teams (B) vs 3 teams (C)}, 1st. of (A) and two highest points of (BC) plus best wild card team advance to semi’s. Wild card will play new opponent, not his/her club.

Twelve team brackets: The wildcard team will be the best second place team from the three brackets. Seeding will be best 1st. place team versus the wild card team, unless the wild card team is from the same bracket; in which case, the 2nd best team will play the wildcard team. In bracketing the remaining teams for the fourth match, no team will play a team from its own bracket or club.


Unlimited substitution will be allowed on any dead ball



In the event of a draw in the standings after the preliminary round matches, the following method will be used to resolve the draw:

● Head to head competition

● Goals scored up to 6 goals per game

● Goal differential (difference between goals scored and goals allowed)

● Shut out victories


THREE WAY DRAW: For teams ending in a three way draw, the first draw breaker will not be the ’Head to Head’ draw breaker, unless one team has defeated both of its opponents, then the draw breaker will be ’Goals scored’. If after any draw breaker the teams have been split into three distinct positions, then the teams will be positioned as indicated If only one team has been eliminated either high or low in position, then the remaining two teams will revert back to ’Head to Head’ draw breaker and proceed from there to determine the remaining two positions.


Any player receiving a RED card shall be ineligible to participate in the remainder of that match, plus the following match. If a coach is ejected from a match, he/she will be unable to coach ANY team in the following match. If the player or coach was ejected for assault then the player or coach shall be ineligible for the remainder of the tournament and their player card will be turned over to their respective state association for disposition. No point deductions for yellow/red cards. 

There will be NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or DOGS on tournament grounds!


Application and entry must be submitted concurrently. After that,  In the event that individual games are cancelled, due to weather or some other reason beyond our control, no refunds will be given if a team has/will still get in their 3 game minimum. If a team can’t get in their 3rd game, due to cancellations, a partial refund will be given of approximately ⅓ of the entry fee. If the entire tournament is cancelled, due to weather or Covid 19 related reasons causing the tournament to be canceled, a full refund will be given, minus $100 per team to cover fixed tournament cost incurred prior to the tournament. Teams cancelling for Covid 19 related reasons will not be given a refund. All attempts will be made to get the tournament in.


Both sides shall be on the north or east sideline visitors/supporters on south or west side of the pitch. In some situations both sides may be on the same sideline. Home side shall change jersey colors in the event of conflict with opponents’ uniform. Home side shall provide  (3) three match balls.

(X) No Friday Check-In!

Any adult may Check-In team or teams 90 minutes before initial match @ HQ; players Check-In on the pitch 30 minutes before every match.

Required documents: Laminated ID cards, player’s registration/medical release forms, copies of Birth certificates. USYSA (outside Cal South) requires travel papers, US Club does not. Any registgered USSF player may play as  guest player IE AYSO on club or club on AYSO.


San Bernardino Soccer Complex                        

2500 Pacific Ave.                                                                                                 

Highland, CA, 92346


Celtic Cup Director

Eddie Maxcy

Email address

(951) 201-0235