Celtic Fees Etc. 2019

Celtic Fees Etc. 2019


Celtic Fees Etc. 2019

Due 5/1/2019:

 $800 Celtic Fees-{7 aside teams}.

Due 5/11/2019:

 Team must register with CSL online. Must attend AGM & have print-out from CSL and have coach and manager name, email, phone, and registration fees for CSL (typically $450 for fall season and $200 bond- dependent upon what is selected when signing up for CSL)

Uniforms- TBD, approximately $180 for 2 sets per player

Due 7/1/2019-8/10/2019:

Team registration fee $100. All coach and player registration paperwork, concussion forms, and picture requirements plus $50 per player.

-For older teams 2009 and above the only difference is Celtic fees are $1000.

Celtic AGM: Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend at 12 PM.

Barbara Pachon, {retired CFO City of San Bernardino} Celtic Registrar

Sasha Wilson, Celtic CFO

Melissa Pachon, Celtic Cup Director.

Paige McDonagh, Webmaster

Matthew McDonagh 909—225--5555