Celtic Fees Etc. 2020

Celtic Fees Etc. 2020



A Club Like No Other.

Pride In The Hoops.


Fees etc:

Celtic Team Fees 2020/2021

$800. 00 team fees----------{7 aside teams only}; 

$400 if you have your own training field. 


$1, 000. 00 team fees------{9 aside teams & up};

$600 if you have your own training field.



$ 50. 00 per player to register with Celtic

see CFO Sasha.

40% off all Celtic tournaments

The aforementioned fees include/accommodate all training facilities, 

goals to train, lights to train + home fields;

lights on timer from 5:20 until 8:20 Mon---thru---Fri.

Celtic tournaments subsidize the costs.



Registered  team coaches or managers shall attend AGM,

 have print-out for CSL &/or CRL completed concussion forms & signed.

Player's picture,   name & DOB  on the back---always!

Licensed  team coach's name,  email,   phone and fees for CSL  et al  

also player's registration and completed paper work.

Original birth certificate or pass-port required  to register all new players.

Coach or manager shall register team with CSL  et al on line.


Celtic Compete in C.S.L. & C.R.L. 

{CSL fees $450. 00 for 2020/2021 season 

+  $200. 00 bond for new teams},

C.S.L. Flights:

Bronze,  Silver,   Silver Elite,  Gold  &  Premier.

Teams must finish in the top half for promotion.



FACT: Celtic is the  least  expensive,  most  accommodating club in the IE!

"40---custom aluminum goals"  with nets available to train.

CSL seasion goals,  9V9's & 7V7's,  customized  @ $12, 000. 00 +,

both sets of big field goals---delux  @ $6, 000. 00 +.

 "3---seater"   "15---foot"  aluminum benches plus  EZups provided

for home and away teams on  all 4 fields.

"50---flags"  flying every weekend during the season;  Semper Fi.



"3---teams maximum allowed"  per  head coach.  

Young trainers---Creme De La Creme.

This year 2020/21, new coaches are required to

take advanced coaching courses.

Coaches and managers shall wear Celtic gear at official matches!



 Jose @ Score Uniforms,   562-394--8324,

approximately  $180. 00 for 2 sets  per player;

uniforms are custom cut   "male & female kits" 

including custom numbers, 

all sizes in stock & ready. . . 4 day delivery.

"# 0---GK  thru  # 18 only"   for younger Div. teams,  no exceptions!

U/15---U/19,   "# 0---GK  thru  # 26" only,  no exceptions!

  The highest quality cloth selected.

Click "SCORE UNIFORMS" on the home page.  



3, "40---foot"  high cube containers for storage,  golf carts  etc.

Chaffey Hi lavatories  cleaned,  {stocked with TP}  &  inspected daily.

Golf carts & ice at the ready  during the season.

Competing soccer teams, friend and foe from hither and yon,

thread and thrum, accommodated . . .VIP's.


Last "4---years"  "Celtic had perfect 100%  3-referee participation".

Referees appreciate the H/time EZups provided by Celtic

& accommodations at Chaffey & the TACOS.

80+ matches in So--Cal cancelled last year because of

acute referee shortage.

@ Celtic:  Referees. . .VIP's. . . Business is Business!



Mothers Day weekend.

Covid 19 disallows 2020 AGM.

A.G.M. Officers shall stand for election per

Celtic non-profit status,  R&R  &  up-date   the By-Laws!

C.F.O.  produces independent financial statement monthly for

B.O.D.  approval.

Know your rights,  obligations  &  Title 1X policy;  read the By-Laws!

H/C's or team MGR's   required to attend monthly meetings

conducted via

Roberts Rules of Order



Celtic A.G.M.  is mandatory  annually,  per its non-profit

 501 (c} {3}  &  170 {c) (2)  approval via the  I.R.S. code of  1954 &

State of California & U.S. Federal  Gov. registration obligations. 

Federal non-profit tax ID # 33-0381226 for Celtic registered team sponsors.



Matthew McDonagh, Pres. & Dir.

John Velasco, V.P. 

Sasha Wilson, C.F.O.

Barbara Pachon, Registrar

Eddie Maxcy, Celtic Cup Director

Luis Mendoza, Pot O' Gold Director

Hugo Gutierrez, Shamrock Bowl Director



"Only those who go too far can discover how far they can go".

                                                                                                              T.S. Elliott