Uniforms by Score


CLUB BULK ORDERS: If not turned in by this date, SCORE can not guarantee completion of uniforms before the season begins. Please consider purchasing extra practice shirts for extra players that may be added mid-season. Practice shirts can only be ordered in BULK. Delivery time is 6-8 weeks during this peek summer sales.

JUNE 1st

Pricing without Shipping and Handling
ITEMS includes TAX (7.75%)
2 Uniform Sets (Home/Away) ($120) $129.30
1 Uniform Set ($60) $64.65
Jersey ($45) $48.50
Short ($25) $26.95
1 pair of socks (6.45) $6.95
Both pairs of socks (Home/Away) ($12.90) $13.90
Practice T-shirts $8
Pennies: Adult or Small $5