MORE College Commitments-GU18 - Arkansas, California, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, Maine, Nebraska

Celtic Girls teams continue to place players in colleges on soccer/academic scholarships

  • Class of 2017: D'Sanye Nugent - CSU San Bernardino, Soraya Alfaro and Briana to University of Great Falls, Viviana Cordero to UC Merced, Cynthia Solorio to York College, 
  • Class of 2016: Katelynn DeVille and Sandy Lule to Simpson University, Khatelan Casilan to Alabama A&M, Alexis Garvin to Bemidji State University, Traci Martinez to Maine University and Samantha Cordova to San Bernardino Valley College.
  • Class of 2015: Anne Bailey UC Riverside, Rebecca Holmes and Mariah Johnson to University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Yvette Rodriguez to Knox College in Illinois, Kayla Cobbett to University of Great Falls, Alexis Vasquez and Vanessa Garcia to Providence Christian College.
  • Class of 2014: Beth Robbins to Aurora University, Jessica Taukeiaho to Vanguard University, Sera Robles & Sandralee Deville to University of Great Falls, Celly Ruiz to Point University 


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