Reputation and Tradition Counts

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The reputation of decades can be determined by the action or inaction of one weekend….

The Celtic goal of teaching youngsters the art and science of gracious behavior toward all in defeat along with humility for all in victory are the essence of bearing the Celtic Hoops.

The objectives of Celtic soccer are basic.   Train hard, acquire ball skills, maintain discipline, and yet enjoy.  Remember that no coach, player, or team is more important than any other coach, player, or team.  Celtic, as all soccer clubs should, places a great deal of emphasis on youngsters attending college.  Therefore, a player’s school grades are of vital importance.  Celtic teams advise their players  “no” grades – “no” hope!   Any club that recruits a high school player with inadequate grades and then implies that college is “no problem,” should be banned from the sport.

Everyone associated with the Celtic organization knows that there would be no “whitewash” relating to disciplinary matters.  Any incident requiring a Coast Soccer League BOD hearing will have the facts fully stated and confirmed.

To the novice the possibilities are infinite, to the expert they are few.


Matt McDonagh and founding team DOB 1968. NTL Cup final 1984