Celtic "Pot O' Gold" COPA


"Pot O' Gold"


B & G U/17, U/18 & U/19 ONLY play one full match per day

On Thursday June 21st ONLY, all matches U/17-U/19 start at 2:00 PM 

Top 2 teams, B & G, U/17,18 & 19 in each division

Play championship match on Sunday 

U16 through U8 (Fri.Sat & Sun.) - 50% advance 

Please check R & R, & click on College Coaches, times etc. link for more information

Giant TV at H.Q. for the World Cup 

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Ages: 2010 to 1999 (U8-U19)



The official recruiting partner for the Pot O' Gold Copa, all athletes can create their profiles below and all clubs will be eligible for a discounted annual subscription to RecruitChute by attending the event. 
RecruitChute provides our players with a competitive advantage over a typical student-athlete navigating the recruiting process.  This comprehensive system not only provides our athletes with the ability to find a school that is the right fit for them but also to connect and communicate directly with college coaches. RecruitChute is like a LinkedIn for College Soccer Recruiting –making a once daunting and overwhelming task, of trying to help our athletes go on to the next level, an easy to navigate and affordable platform. 
As a club, we are committed to not only player development, but truly being a catalyst in helping our players fulfill their dreams of playing collegiate athletics and accessing higher education. RecruitChute will provide uniformity to the club’s recruiting efforts and will allow for our coaching staff to take a much more personal approach in helping our athletes throughout the process.     




All commuting teams participating in the tournament MUST (as a condition of acceptance) make all hotel accommodations using our tournament housing services.  Please do not call the hotels directly and book through the hotel reservation link below.  We appreciate your support as these partnered hotels assist in sponsoring our event. 

 Celtic Cup is proud to partner with HBC Event Services, a travel/booking agency with a nationwide reputation for excellence in managing travel for sports events.  HBC Event Services provides an easy way for you to book your hotel rooms with our partnered hotels at the best rates.  These rates are lower than the hotel's best available rate and usually includes breakfast for your team.  HBC Event Services guarantees that if the tournament is cancelled due to weather, you will not be charged for any cancellation penalties that you may otherwise have been subject to if you made your reservation elsewhere.  This guarantee does not include hotel reservations made after the hotel cut off dates.   


Please place the rooms on hold under the team name as registered for the tournament.

Please call HBC Event Services at (505) 346-0522 and/orsupport@hbceventservices.com if you have any questions and/or have any special hotel requests.

RecruitChute will be the official recruiting partner for the Pot O' Gold Copa, all athletes can create their profiles below and all clubs will be eligible for a discounted annual subscription to RecruitChute by attending the event. 




Research indicates average temperature on June 23rd 78’


Contact Information: See bottom of this page

2018 Cost

U8 through U10 – $600
U11 through U14 – $700
U15 through U19 – $800 


June 4th, 2018


  • Balanced brackets
  • 50% advance where possible.

Game Length - See R&R

Roster Size- See R&R

U8 (2010)  U9 (2009)  & U10 (2008) play 7v7

U11 (2007)-U12 (2006) play 9v9 on 90x50 pitch with 21x7 goals
U13 (2005)-U19 (1999) play 11v11

  • 2010 through 2008, 7v7, Roster of 14
  • 2007 & 2006, 9v9, Roster of 18
  • 2005-2003, 11v11, Roster of 18
  • 2002-1999, 11v11, Roster of 22 (18 on match sheet)

Referee System - Referee fees are included in your entry cost.


  • San Bernardino Soccer Complex 
  • 2500 Pacific Street Highland, CA 92346 

Check In

  • Registered Team Official: Check in one hour before your first match at H.Q. 
  • Team Check-in 30 minutes before each match on the pitch with registered team official.


  • Customized Pot O’ Gold conversation piece trophy with historical references engraved.
  • Champion Trophy Wt: 7 Kilos  Size 12.5"x12.5"x18"
  • Customized Medals with historical references engraved for champions and finalists. (see below)

Lake Isle of Innisfree is the secret and humble abode of the "cobbler" Leprechaun with the Pot O' Gold


     - FINALIST (GREEN)                               -CHAMPION (BLACK)












                     T-shirt available for sale at tournament.



Left Sleeve                                                  Right Sleeve





Contact Information:

Matthew McDonagh*  


Alina145@aol.com *  



Mailing Address:

Celtic "Pot O' Gold"*  

PO BOX 700*  

Ontario, California, USA 91762*