The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues.

Commencing in the late Seventies, youth soccer players in Southern California have jogged on to the pitch proudly wearing the legendary green and white ‘Hoops’ of Celtic. The ‘Celtic’ brand has continued with an optimistic spirit and its original indelible design. The time honored tradition and the established Celtic reputation have proved to be priceless.

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This website is being presented for the express purpose of encouraging Celtic member participation in the organization.  Team pictures, league play, tournament inquiries, records, and up-to-date general information will be posted in a timely fashion. The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of all will be forwarded to our webmaster via team managers.  It should be remembered that neither losses nor victories are ever as grave or great as they may seem.

(Actual Celtic Cross on Valentia Isle, (Oilean Dairbhre) Ring of Kerry).

One of the reasons for continued Celtic success is the emphasis placed on availability of soccer facilities. The Celtic organization provides three lighted training grounds for its teams, during the Fall and two different training sites during the summer. Also, a goal for every team and a 50 x 80 yard space for teams to train is the target. In addition, Celtic maintains its local home field during the season at Oaks Middle School in Ontario. These facilities are provided as part of the team fees with no additional cost to a parent or player.

Celtic has been able to maintain its tradition of excellence while also keeping in mind the costs, usually to parents, for youth soccer.  Additionally, the administration of  the Celtic organization provides for the epitome of “grass roots”  democracy. All Celtic meetings, including elections, are conducted and recorded via Robert’s Rules of Order. The cost, of youth soccer remain paramount with importance to the Celtic organization. As an example, Celtic, in order to provide consistency in uniforms and the ability to provide reasonably priced replacements has a custom contract with SCORE.  The uniform designs were inspired by the traditional Celtic green and white hoops along with their stylish Bumble Bee kit. 

Total team fees, for the year, are $1000.00. The cost can be covered in a variety of ways by each team. Each team has the option of providing a paid trainer or non paid trainer/coach. However, the President does have final authority to ensure that all teams are provided with a quality trainer/coach.

Celtic teams promoted to CSL Premier have their additional Premier cost covered by the funds from Celtic Cup. Celtic teams participate, at cost, in the Celtic Cup. The U8-U14 tournament is in February and the U14-U19 tournament is in March.

Celtic emphasis on cost savings is prevalent throughout the organization.  Despite any rumors to the contrary, the vast majority of all of Celtic Cup profits and club fees are reinvested in the club each year.  Our overhead is minimal, considering a club with over 30 teams, multiple practice sites, exclusive game sites, etc. 

Part of the Celtic philosophy is that ninety percent of what a player is or will ever become is set in stone by age twelve. The remaining ten percent is set in stone by age sixteen. The Celtic organization, its coaches, facilities, and management can make all the difference to a player who want to achieve their maximum soccer ability. Remember, soccer is a team sport. The development of the team can be very different from the personal development of each player.  As an example, the only Celtic team (1989/1990) to win back to back regional championships, a USA National Championship, World final (U15 versus Turkey S-O) of Copa Coca Cola and 16-tournaments consecutively, had zero ODP players and zero Academy stars. This “team” consisted of the same very fit and very well trained, 13-players for years and included two happy subs.